Saturday, December 23, 2006


I saw We Are Marshall today with the fam. I really loved it...(granted there are only a few sports movies in existence that I don't love). My favorite scene is one where Matthew McConaughey (as head Coach Jack Lengyel) and his assistant coach
Red Dawson realize that they need some super easy plays for their very inexperienced team. Coach Dawson suggests the vear play, which coincidentally their rivals UWV are experts at. Lengyel looks at Red and is like, "lets go ask Bobby (bowden, uwv head coach) if he'll help us out". Red just laughs. But Lengyel presses it. Not with force, but with a "dude, what have we got to lose" attitude. Then when they get there, Bowden laughs at him too. But eventually lets them have pretty unlimited access to his film and playbooks. Red is in awe. Seriously-their rivals handing them that weeks playbooks?!? But Lengyel walked into the film room like it was no big deal. Because he totally expected Bowden to help them out. There are a couple more scenes that are basically the same. It always seemed that Lengyel was walking around expecting the most random crazy things to just fall into place. Most of the time people didn't believe him, didn't believe that it would work out, and I'm sure there were plenty of whispers behind his back about how irrational he was. But he didn't seem to care.

What a way to live. To just walk around in the complete faith that God was going to pull through for you, in everything. Over the last week or so I've had two different people say that I seemed like a really hopeful person. I think this is a good thing, better than being dark and twisty. But can one be too hopeful? It's been something that I've been chewing on recently. Can you have too much hope? I mean not saying "it will all work out" so people will quit asking if you're ok hope, but the real depth of looking at a completely seemingly hopeless situation and knowing and believing that He's got it. I don't know. Some days I feel too hopeful, like my little hot air balloon of hope is going to get shotdown and it's gonna hurt to fall, and I'm going to regret not being more rational...but most days I'm like "dude, what have we got to lose"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

what the heck?!

I just glanced through an article on msn women talking about the way to get CLOSER to a guy. I thought it was a joke because as I look at their main points, I am pretty certain that these are all pretty destructive to a relationship. Thank goodness I don't have to play by the worlds is a breakdown of what they say-

flirting with someone else ("But the truth is, a little innocent flirting with someone other than your steady can have serious relationship benefits.") because that's not cheating

being selfish ("So instead of waiting for him to give you what you need every time, get a little grabby now and then") because it is all about YOU

arguing ("Arguing is actually one of the healthiest things you and your guy can do for your relationship.)" healthy, but maybe not one of the healthiest things

walking away angry ("They walk away from the fight because they're worked up, but then abort the fight altogether because it makes them uncomfortable to restart.)" manipulation at its best

lying ("Sometimes telling a little white lie is easier than telling the truth.") don't even get me started

wow. What I think is sad is that women will read this and take to heart what this says.

Monday, December 11, 2006

happy birthday my dear!!!

Carolyn is 22! Holy cow! Seriously, I think the story goes how I was on of the first students she met at k-state when she took her tour (I was standing outside of boyd, go figure). Then she happened to actually live on my floor...which was pretty fantastic. And the rest they say is history. Girl, it's been AMAZING to watch you grow and to see so many prayers answered in your life. I know that right now is the beginning of something big-believe Him for that! Thanks for letting me journey with you! I love you!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

and a partridge in a pear tree

That's what this last week has felt like...everything christmas squeezed into 4 days. I'm worn out. But I LOVE it. I'm one of those people who November first starts putting away the fall decorations and listening to carols. One month just isn't quite enough for me.

Here are some pictures of what the last week has been like for me.

This is what the view from my back balcony looks like. I'm so blessed! I just love to sit in my room (my window looks out onto the balcony) and pretend that I'm not even in kc...because all i can see is the tree and the pond. That little corner of my room is probably my favorite place in town.

This is the view from my cube at work. Maybe not my favorite place in the city, but if you're going to be at work when everyone else has 2 snow days, might as well have something beautiful to gaze out at.

A ministry that I'm a part of here (Intl Students Inc.) had two christmas parties this weekend. They had to split it into two nights because there were so many students. It was such a fun time. I don't know if I've ever sat in someones house while they played piano and sang caorls. I sort of felt like I was in a movie...minus the 50 international students singing right along with us. This is my friend Wei. She is precious! What I really love about her is she's not afriad to speak chinese with me, even though it's hard work for her to understand my horrible attempt at conversation.

What a proud Baba! PoBo (the son) just started laughing and giggling during one of the songs. His dad couldn't get enough of him!

Finally my two good friends Preeti and Vikalp. I met them last easter and they have just been so fun to get to know. Man how I wish they were Family!!!