Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hwy 99

So driving home last night after my meeting wasn't exactly ideal, but jennifer told me that if I go through wamego it will be quicker. I head out on my merry little way and as soon as i get out of town I start freaking out. it was really weird. Like i knew that the road was going to continue, but there were moments that I felt like I was going to either plummet off the road or slam into a brick wall. As I was praying about what was going on a car comes over the hill with its brights on FLOODING the road with light. the blinding kind. All i could see was light. how much time do i spend fearing the darkness, physically anxious about what is right infront of me. But when i'm focused on His light i see that the road does go on and not run into a wall. simple i know but it just struck me.

Monday, May 22, 2006

slurpees anyone???

so my new apartment is right next door to a 7-11. Every time I drive by, I grin to myself because to me 7-11's don't belong in america. now i know that is strange to most of you, but my first 7-11 experience was in Thailand. Seriously i had never been in one before then. So today i decide that I want a dr. pepper after work so i stop in to my convinent neighborhood 7-11. I go to pay for my soda and am just chatting with the clerk who is in broken english telling me about the credit card swiper thing. So I ask him where he is from and he replies THAILAND. I about died. so we chatted a bit about phuket and bangkok. I'm so going to find excuses to go there all the time just to talk with my new thai friend. the picture is of my friend brent. obviously in a 7-11 somewhere in thailand. i don't quite remember where we were at...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


So on monday I went to the doctor to have them check my knee out. "The doctor" is quite an understatement actually....(insert fanfare) The Kansas City Orthopedic Institute. I wondered how much it was going to cost me to walk in there much less be seen. This is where all the Roalys and Chiefs players get their knee work done. Anyhow after some tests the doctors decided that I have "Hoffa's Syndrome" in my right knee. Better known as "enlarged fat pad syndrome". The picture shows pretty much what my mri looked like. The patella is in the top left of the pic and under it to the right a little is the fat pad. Everyone has one, but not everyone's gets caught and pinched in between the knee joints (as in the picture). Think of slamming your finger in a door...not fun. So trying to keep a straight face when you're being told that the problem is because your knees are overly fat is really hard. The only way to fix it really is to have surgery to remove the excess fat....lypo for your knees. I'm going back in a month to check stuff out and see if the swelling and pain has gone down and then probably going to get surgery. The recovery time isn't too long and the doc said I'd be back to speed for India. AND once it gets fixed I'll be able to continue running...a HUGE answer to prayer.