Saturday, January 19, 2008

i made HER smile!

so. interesting fact about anna #482 i LOVE to read random (and sometimes not so random) peoples blogs. i'm following a woman as she raises her quad babies in texas, oh about 50 families who are adopting babies from other countries, a stay at home blogging professional mom to two adorable dogs and a sweet little girl, the list could go on. anyway it's become a new obsession of mine.

one of the blogs that i've started to read and LOVE is beth moore's living proof ministries blog. I'm a HUGE fan of beth and have done a ton of her studies, read a few of her books and heard her talk once. (sidenote-if i look half way as good as she does when i'm 50, i'll be SO excited) so on her blog this week she asked those who were reading to leave a comment about who we were, where we were from, what church we went to and our favorite truth right now. so i'm starting to leave my comment and i get to the church denomination part and i'm a little stumped. i don't really know exactly what heartland classifies themselves as, and i honestly don't know much about different denominations, so i put "emergent-ish". because i'm not sure we're 100% emergent, or even 1%, but it seemed like the closest thing in my mind. and really, if you know me, you know that i stick "ish" on the end of EVERYTHING so it just seemed natural at this point.

so today i'm looking at her blog and she posted all the stats, and i get to the church section and there is my "emergent-ish" with a parenthesis (made me smile).

SO FUN! i made beth moore smile. over 1500 comments and mine made her smile. anyway. that's exciting to me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Wanderlust. An old German word, when translated from the original German means far and ache. What a description of my heart right now. Aching for far places.

It's been about a year and a half since I've been out of the country. A year and a half since I've been a place I've never been before (although, officially i had never been to Savannah). And I've got that ache. That longing to pack my bag and head out, sitting in coffee shops for hours reading. You know, the kind with book exchanges, because really when you're hiking through south west china, do you really want to carry around more than one book? Eating fresh pineapple for breakfast in an open air restaurant, with nothing on the agenda but the beach, which oh by the way is just a block away.

These blogs are definitely NOT curbing my desire to travel...

friends of a friend. i see their pictures and I'm actually back there. every day i have to fight the urge to buy a plane ticket

never really thought about going to Vietnam until i stumbled across their blog a couple of weeks ago. it also makes me want to adopt a little Vietnamese boy REAL bad too!

And my good friend/old roommate is spending the next month-ish travelling all over the pacific rim area. don't worry I'm not jealous. not at all. ha.