Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hwy 99

So driving home last night after my meeting wasn't exactly ideal, but jennifer told me that if I go through wamego it will be quicker. I head out on my merry little way and as soon as i get out of town I start freaking out. it was really weird. Like i knew that the road was going to continue, but there were moments that I felt like I was going to either plummet off the road or slam into a brick wall. As I was praying about what was going on a car comes over the hill with its brights on FLOODING the road with light. the blinding kind. All i could see was light. how much time do i spend fearing the darkness, physically anxious about what is right infront of me. But when i'm focused on His light i see that the road does go on and not run into a wall. simple i know but it just struck me.

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you made it home safely. Did you get the pics I sent of our new little one? I left you a message a while back. I'm not sure when you're leaving for your trip, but I'll be in KC sometime this summer and would love for you to meet her. If you're in Manhattan please come by! Love you,Sarah