Monday, April 03, 2006

princess beds

when I first came back from china I stayed at the alvarez's in their guest room. After a year of sleeping on a large, albeit not so comfy bed I was so excited to have a soft bed. Down pillows, a down duvet, really high thread count was awesome. anyhow that first morning i wake up with the sun shining in the window, the fan blowing on my face and thought "this is what a princess feels when she wakes up". For real. that was my first thought. since then i've affectionately called that bed the "princess bed", and told EVERYONE I know to sleep in it because it's awesome (just one notch behind the beds at sheridan hotels). So this last weekend I stayed with josh and cassie, and was a little sad that it would be a trip to manhattan without the princess bed. But no. There's another princess bed in manhattan!! As crazy as it sounds their hide-a-bed is amazing! So if you ever get the chance, you now have two options for quality "princess like" sleep in manhattan.

My weekend was really, really good. It's just good to chill with people who know my heart really well. Plus it seems that each time I go back, i learn so much. sometimes its really deep and it takes a while to unpack, other times, it's the little random things. not so deep this time...when you leave your sunroof open during a thunderstorm, the rain falls at exactly the right angle to completely soak your car in about 30 minutes. tattoos hurt hurt no more than getting purell in a papercut. people in manhattan drive really slow...or maybe i've just become a dreaded jo co. driver. i really, really love my friends. i didn't just learn that...but was more reminded of how much.

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