Monday, September 07, 2009

spatially challenged

The other night a friend made a comment that guys are more spatially adept than girls. Like in memory (I'm assuming the game) and puzzles and directions and maps and stuff. I guess remembering where things are and how they are arranged? I couldn't argue with him. He's super intelligent and the first thing I thought of is how often I run into completely stationary things. Things that NEVER move. Like door frames and tables and bathroom sinks. I had just run into a door frame earlier that day. I literally turned around and ran straight into it with my shoulder.

I didn't think about this too much after that conversation until this morning. When I cut a corner too close in the parking garage and totally scraped the side of my car with a cement pillar-before 6am-on a holiday when no one else has to be at work. Awesome. Really anna? The same pillars you've driven around twice a day for the last 4 years? Those ones that never move? Yup. Needless to say I don't have a drivers side door handle. And a beautiful dent and scrape down the entire length of my really cute, sporty, absolutely perfect tribute. :O(

About that women being less spatially adept, yeah, I don't want to talk about it.


suz said...

As I ran into the corner of my desk today, I thought about your blog. Haha. ;-)

annaelyse said...

I just walked around the corner into the kitchen at work and slammed my shoulder into the doorway. it was pretty tender-probably because its the 3rd time this week i've done it. you and me both sister!

suz said...


i'm ready for this week/month/year/life (ok, i exaggerate--it's the pain meds, i swear) to be over.