Wednesday, July 19, 2006


so I think in a few days life is going to seem a little harder for me all because of elevators...well...maybe not, but I'll let you know.

Prior to my "real job" the most elevator experience I had was in the rickety little elevator in Boyd and Putnam (yes friends, it had a door and a gate you had to manually open) which I'm sure were installed when the buildings were built. Needless to say, trying to fit more than 4 people in it was a feat. So I come to work and I enter the world of corporate elevators. The first thing I noticed was the fact that the men practically fell over each other to let the women on and off first. I didn't know people still did this...not only the older guys, but the young just out of college guys too. Most days it's nice, now that i know that i will be expected to make the first move towards the door. sometimes it's a little inconvenient when I'm in back of a packed elevator. I just want to be like "I don't care when I get off, and I'd rather not make everyone else squish so you can go first, no problem".

yesterday after work a group of us (me being the only girl) were all waiting for the elevator and when it arrived, I stepped forward, taking my customary 'first one on' position, when a guy totally darted in front of me and got on the elevator first. As it was happening he realized it and apologized and of course I didn't care but it was interesting to see both of our reactions. I don't think I deserve to be let on or off first, but there is a certain amount of respect I guess that entitles that to happen. have I now come to expect it...yes, if only to avoid the awkward 'who's going to go first' scenario.

so I know it's a small thing but still I think that because of it I think that I'm going to struggle a little more with my role as a woman in the next few weeks.

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kimberly said...

I remember those elevators! fun times.