Friday, November 24, 2006

out of control-for real

The last 24 hours I've felt like I was in china all over again. Seriously. People out everywhere! It started with the Thanksgiving Day 5k at the sprint campus. It was my first road race ever, and I'm officially addicted (it doesn't hurt that I have an addicted personality, I get addicted to EVERYTHING, just ask anyone who has lived with me). Nat and I were running in the 10 min. mile pace group and we didn't cross the start until like a minute after the gun when off...And then pretty much the first 2.5 miles, you're weaving in and out of people, trying not to elbow-butt anyone (I guess I swing my arms wide, I hit like 4 people) or get run over. The last half mile opened up, and that was nice.

Then later that night we headed down to the plaza to see the lights lit up. Complete with fireworks, it was way beautiful and fun. A couple got engaged right in front of us. It was soo fun! I don't even know them but I was way excited. (sparkley things, such as lights, fireworks and diamonds get me excited-I was on excitement overload). But there as well were tons of people. I felt bad, because I've mastered the skill of working my way through crowds, but Nat and her mom haven't so much, so I kept losing them.

And then this morning. Yes, I was one of THOSE people who was outside target at 5:30. Ever since I can remember I've gone shopping the day after thanksgiving (and Christmas too), so I know what to expect, but every year, I'm floored at how grown adults run through the store and push people out of the way to get the new hot item. In my quest for season 1 of 24 I had to brave the chaos that is the electronics section! This time though, the throng of people had carts! Double whammy! I tried to decide which was more a mess, electronics or toys. Too close a call. But my bravery/(stupidity??) was rewarded with not only season 1 but all 4 seasons of 24 for 16.99 each. Score!

One thing that I found though, was the amazing feeling of camaraderie. Like generally when shopping you don't strike up a conversation with random shoppers, but today, you do. You find solace in that others are going through exactly what you are, on very limited sleep and need second judgments on what Christmas present will be perfect for their 12 year old daughter that they can't treat like a kid anymore. It was great. I LOVE talking to strangers.

I'll post pics as soon as I get my computer back from the apple store. Lately I've become really good friends with tech support :( (although plugging in the power cord tends to help when your computer won't turn on because the battery is low...thanks neilson!)


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Carolyn said...

Hey sweets! You make me smile. Your Thanksgiving holiday sounds crazy and fun! I can't wait to come spend the weekend with you in a few weeks and go to the plaza. Can we get dressed up Saturday night and go and have dinner? Love ya!

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