Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So my vacation in georgia was pretty awesome. It's always different going "home" to a place I've never lived, but after a couple of hours it's all the same. I hadn't seen my fam in almost a year so it was great to just catch up, chill out, eat a lot and watch a lot of food network (I don't have cable, and I'm finding that is the channel that I miss the most, especially around the holidays). I had forgotten how different life is down there. We got to hang out with some of my mom's friends, it was a hoot. I have never heard not only such thick accents, but just sugary words.

This is my sis and I at my brothers football game. It was freezing that night. Well...maybe not freezing but my thick kansas blood decided that layers weren't needed and I paid for it later.

Meet Gracie. She's my sister's pomerian/corgie mix. How cute is she?

the fam

in other news I said goodbye to Dork (my 96 neon)

and hello to ryan (an 05 mazda tribute)

It was hard parting with dork, we'd been all over the country together, but it's nice to not have to worry about the little things like shutting the passenger door just right to reduce the hwy noise, or punching the drivers side door from the inside to get in, or scraping the ice of the inside of the car, yeah it was about time for an upgrade.

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Hannah said...

Yay for the new car! I had a hard time giving up my 4Runner, but now I'm in love with my new Rav4.

Did you know that you can buy the mattresses that they have at the Sheraton?! Noel and I considered it when we got married, but we ended up getting something similar and a bit cheaper.