Friday, December 05, 2008

grow old with me

So i have this fascination with growing old. i don't know where it came from or why exactly. i get REALLY excited when it's almost my birthday (26 days baby!) because i get a year older. :) i'm sure at some point (probably around 29 ha ha) i'll get over this, but right now i kind of can't wait until i'm 60! granted i have this idea that i'll be a regal/quirky diane keaton type when i'm 60, not the crazy cat lady, ya know?

this morning-and every day this week, lets be honest-i went into einstein bro's for my daily blueberry bagel/honey almond schmear addiction (which i need to get over-like yesterday!) and there was a group of about 7 elderly folks sitting around one of their big tables drinking their coffee and eating their bagels. I SO want that. to be retired and sitting around the table with 6 of your closest friends who you've known at least 20 years. friends who've LIVED life with you through marriages, births, deaths, seasons. incredible. it's not about the coffee or the bagels (which i love) but more about knowing and being known deeply as you only can over the course of YEARS.

my longest "lived in the same city, still talk and hang out pretty regularly" friendship just passed the two year mark. yup. it's a learning curve, but hey you have to start somewhere...

i can't wait!

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suz said...

ac, how i love thee!