Friday, December 19, 2008

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so i wish this post had pictures, because it would make it that much more awesome. but alas, i'm at work, so words will just have to do. And numbers. because lets be honest, by the time i scan my id badge for the 5th time since i entered the parking garage ( get into the garage, get out of the garage stairwell and into tower 1...yes it's called tower one, i work in tower 2. i know weird. get onto the elevator get onto my floor after getting off the elevator and 5.we have these card readers at our desks that we insert the card into to sign on to the computers) my brain is geared up for lots and lots of numbers all day. wow. that was a long tangent...

1. one of my roommates leaves today on a relaxing trip with her parents. she's gone for 7 days. 7 whole days. not quite sure how THATS going to work. when you talk to someone for like 2-3 hours a day, and then they're gone for a week...that's a little bit of an adjustment. just sayin.

2. one of my dear friends is getting married tonight. SuPeR excited for her. their story is beautiful!

3. 13 days until my birthday. the big 2-7. im excited!

4. i'm LOVING the song Christmas by Leona Naess. dang. it's good!!!

5. i opened my car door on my forehead today. i'm not sure exactly how this happened, but it's actually happened twice in the last 2 years. needless to say i have a HUGE gouge on my forehead (yup. it was a little disconcerting seeing blood trickle down my forehead when i moved my hair out of the way) and i'm waiting for it to swell up.

so this whole list thing sounded more impressive in my head than it looks written out. we'll blame the blunt force trauma that inflicted on myself this morning. yeah. that's it. are we sure that i need to be managing billions of dollars today? eh. no big deal. :oP

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