Friday, January 30, 2009

this week

i have

-slept with a long sleeved t-shirt, dance pants AND knee socks on. if you know me at all, you know how much of a stretch that is. never mind the fact that my room (in the half-finished basement) has been on average a brisk 40 degrees

-gone to bed before 8 pm-and i had to force myself to even stay up that late

-perfected the art of getting ready REALLY quick. granted i've always been quick when it comes to the getting ready in the morning, but we're talking still in bed at 5:30 and sitting at my desk at work by 6:04. i'm pretty amazed myself.

-not washed my hair since sunday morning. i think this might be a record for me. and if i didn't tell you, you'd never hair is just that awesome.

-grown to not love my "california" ring tone as my new alarm clock. i guess it's not the song's fault it wakes me up at 4:40 :(

-laughed harder than i have in i think EVER. i have one stinkin awesome and hilarious roommate

-cried harder than i have in a long time. this came a mere 24 hours after the laughter. life is all about balance i guess

all in all...its been a GREAT week. seriously. life is flipping incredible right now!

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