Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I grew up in some REALLY sunny, REALLY hot places. Hawaii, Arizona, North Carolina, and Louisiana (I lived in really cold Germany for a few years, but I was too young to remember it. And I'm sure there are pictures of me in cable knit tights and lederhosen floating around somewhere). Needless to say, I liked the sun, and the warmth. It was, for the most part, all I knew.

Then I moved to Kansas. Where I discovered fall and winter. Leaves and snow and rain and gray days. I was so over the sun. All I wanted to do was listen to the rain, run in it, curl up inside with a book, PERFECT. Then my fam moved to Seattle. jackpot for a rainy day lover like myself! All those things. All the time. Well, at least for the 2 week stints I'd visit them in.

This spring has been abnormally gray and chilly and rainy. And while I love, love, love those days-over the last week its started to wear on me. I just want to be outside. In the sun. Without a cardigan on.

Today its 75 degrees. and sunny. going on a run and then laying out at loose park.


suz said...

one of the reasons why we are friends: a shared love of both the rain and the sun. :)

anna said...

how am i not surprised that we have this in common. i mean. we are like the same person. :)

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