Friday, May 07, 2010

hazel sister

She graduates today!!!!

She's been done with school since December and working for a while, but decided to walk in the spring. Donna was coming in yesterday, so late Wednesday night we decided it was time to clean our house.

No house cleaning is complete without a little "Party in the USA" and "Paper Planes", I mean, we do it right on Lydia. I was cleaning the kitchen as Bethany walked by, I caught a quick glance of her.

me: "you look older"
bethany: (stops and smiles) "like more mature? grown up?"
me: "yes. its your eyes"

She smiles, and walks back to the bathroom to resume the oh so glamourous task of toilet scrubbing. Not 30 seconds later she screams. The sound one would make if say a very large rat ran across their foot. I freak out and yell to make sure she's ok. Her response is a squeal and comes running around the corner to tell me a story.

For the next few minutes both of us are screaming, giggling and jumping up and down in our kitchen.

more mature? grown up? Yes, its your heart.

LOVE you girl! Proud of you!!!!

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Bethany said...

thanks sweetheart :) most fun i've ever had scrubbing a toilet.