Wednesday, April 21, 2010

muscle memory

So I was going to quote one of my favorite movie lines in reference to my run yesterday and then realized that I did that, oh 3 years ago.

Anyway. It had been a while since I ran 5 miles outside, Kansas winters generally tie me to a treadmill from november until april (not this year. I'm totally buying ice spikes). Since the weather has been warm for about a month, I've really had no excuse to not be running long runs. (5 miles is no where near a long run. But its longer than 3 miles, which is what I've been hitting lately)

I'll save all my insightful thoughts on my runs for another post, and leave you with the less than insightful ones today.

I live at 51st and Troost. The top of a hill. 63rd and Troost is in the valley. 67th and Troost the top of another hill. 71st, a valley. 75th the top. Running hills SUCKS. Especially with a headwind. Yesterday was some cruel joke when I SWEAR the wind changed direction where I ran up every hill with a headwind. I never caught a break.

After 5 years of serious running I finally perfected the right nostril snot rocket. All you non-runners might find this gross, but seriously, its actually so much less gross than other blowing-on-the-run alternatives. Still working on the left side. The nose ring makes it slightly more difficult.

I LOVE running by Friendship Chinese Restaurant at 65th. The combo of chinese food, exhaust, and the heat rising off the pavement instantly takes me back to China.

I almost caused an accident yesterday. A dude pulled out of the Popeye's lot and onto troost. He craned his head to stare at me (a tall white girl running on troost is somewhat of a spectacle) and missed that the car infront of him had stopped. He braked in time, barely. ha.

I miss being able to run fast, hopefully I get my speed back. sooner than later.

It takes about 4 miles for my legs to remember what they're supposed to do while running. Then at the magical 4 mile mark I find my stride and its beautiful. That's probably the reason I suck at 5k's!

6 months until this baby!

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