Thursday, April 08, 2010

as of late...

in the last 24 hours I have
  • learned what a catalytic converter does and just how much it costs to replace
  • tripped down the stairs only to be caught by my friend who was holding his 2 year old daughter in his other arm. he was walking up the stairs, I was falling down. and he caught me, while holding his daughter. 
  • been reminded of just how much i freaking LOVE my community, and how much they freaking love me too :)
  • surrendered to the fact that my car was going to cost A LOT to make it driveable. not totally fixed, but able to get from point a to point b. 
  • been blown away by my coworkers. I got no fewer than 4 numbers of different mechanics that they knew and trusted to fix my car for me. 
  • inherited 2 new brothers. Their names are clay and BRob. They are the two guys I sit with. Its nice to have brothers (i have one legit one. he's the BEST). Who tell you to get second opinions. Who fist pump with you when you think your catcon (yeah. we're on an abreeves basis after today) is covered by warranty. Who hang their head with you when you realize its not. And then affirm that you're just having the worst day ever. i LOVE these guys. 
  • freaked out when the second opinion is A LOT less than A LOT and is actually affordable :)
  • seen two people legitly being arrested. handcuffed and all. welcome to the neighborhood. 
  • fallen more in love with said neighborhood. there.are.tulips.everywhere
  • decided that a 5 mile run is just good for my spirit
Its been a long day. Its been a hard day. But its been a beautiful day. Because You make beautiful things out of the dust. 


nat said...

I can totally relate! I got in a car accident a couple of weeks ago, but my insurance company decided my car is totaled. So now I get the pleasure of buying a new car (ugh!). I'm thankful that your car appears to be easily fixable!

suz said...

ugh, car problems are no bueno! glad Jesus is gettin' you taken care of! :)

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