Friday, April 16, 2010

What's your name? Girl, what's your number?

Last Sunday. I needed to fill up my car (actually my dad's cherry red pickup. hott. I know) so I go to the BP station at Paseo and Cleaver. Its 8:30 in the morning. As I'm getting out of the car this guy (maybe early 20's) hollers at me from the pay phone "hey, you got 50 cents". I tell him I don't think so, but that I'll look. He then says "Where your man at?" and I laugh it off and roll my eyes. I reach into my car to grab my wallet to see if I have the change and he walks up and I let him know that I'm sorry that I don't have any change. He asks again "Wheres your man?" Being that he's right next to me and I can't laugh it off a second time. I reply. "Getting ready for church"* He then walked away. something leads me to believe he wasn't interested in just borrowing 50 cents.

Then yesterday I was near the end of my run (on Troost) and ran by a convenience store. I try to make it a point on my runs to make eye contact and say hi to everyone I cross paths with. Its one little thing that helps me feel present in my neighborhood. Like I'm not just running through, I actually belong here. I'm going to say hi. anyway. There was a man leaning on the pay phone booth outside and I smile at him and say hi as I run by. I have my ipod in and I see him say something, which I assume is "how are you?" So I reply "great, how are you?" then he continues to talk, so I slow down and take out my ear buds and he says "no. I said how OLD are you?" I chuckle and reply "28". He then puts his hand to his ear like a phone and mouths "call me". I laugh and continue my run.

Really? Does this really work for these guys?

"no. I actually don't have a man. would you be my man?" or how about "What number should I call you at? The phone booth number? ok. great talk to you soon." ha!

*I don't have a man. But in that situation I'm not above stretching the truth a little. I know men. and those men were getting ready for church. we were taking my car to church which is why i was at the gas station in the first place.

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