Thursday, March 03, 2011

it always is


the lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness. psalm 25:10

it's been a long week. one of those weeks, where loving people doesn't overflow and abound (bitterness, anger, and hurt, that's abounding in plenty). love, actually, hasn't been my first response in any situation this week. yikes. and SUCK.

so i've had to force myself. and remind myself. over and over. and then some more. lead with love, anna. lead with love.

so, today's a new day. that i'm sure will be full of opportunities to be hurt, and frustrated, and tired, and angry. but i'm also pretty positive that those will actually be opportunities to let love seep in, to let it overflow.

for it to be the only answer.


Anonymous said...

i love you anna.

michelle said...

Amen. Glad to know I haven't been the only one fighting that battle this week! Hugs to you and a quick prayer to Jesus to guide us both in that...

elise kristen said...

Anna, this is Elise (the other half of the sisters you have recently befriended)! I've so enjoyed browsing your blog and hope to talk with you soon. I am praying that wherever the Lord leads you, whether here (!) or elsewhere, that it is full of blessings and beauty. I love your heart-filled writings. Look forward to getting to know you more through your blog and perhaps in person. Love to you.

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