Saturday, September 30, 2006


So I just killed my fish...well, he's in the process of dying. We have these drops that make tap water safe for betas, but they don't so much work if you forget to put them in. I hadn't cleaned his bowl in a while so I was all gung-ho about making his habitat clean and enjoyable again. I rinse his bowl clean his rocks and put him back in. I even give him some food. About 2 hours later (10 min ago) I look at him and he's trying to breathe really hard and then I remember that I forgot to put the drops in. So I grab them really quickly and only 3 drops come out...the bottle is empty. So now he's just sorta floating on the top, barely able to breathe. Do I take him out and flush him to end his misery, or do I leave him in there and hope he pulls through. seriously I'm about to cry. I know he's just a silly little fish, but I get really attached to my pets (and the fact that I'm the reason he's dying doesn't help either). Thank goodness that i'm not a doctor...natasha just came home and we're running to petsmart right up the road to get more drops he may live after all!!

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