Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something to be said for Chinese medicine

right now I need this

because as everyone in china knows, an iv drip will cure EVERYTHING. You've got a cold, "go get an iv", you have a headache, "get an iv" you stub your toe "you better get an iv". It's pretty hilarious when you stop and think about it. But after a month and a half of having a cold and being on various different antibiotics, an iv isn't sounding to bad now.

and this
(the sars mask, not the little kid, although he is quite lovely). Germs get passed around work like crazy. Our cubes are only half the height of normal cubes, and we share them with one other person. If I had a sars mask, I sure would wear it. People would think I was crazy, but at least I'd stop coughing.

Tonight I started taking Airborne. Everyone who has used it says that it's awesome. Probably not as good as an iv filled with who knows what (and dispensed out of an old school glass bottle) but we'll see.


Jill Pole said...

Oh yes, I remember the wisdom that is passed onto the sick in China. :-) I wish I could remember the name of the cure-all that kept getting recommended to me. It had a really funny name. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Hannah said...

You crack me up!

Thanks for the comment on my belly picture. I'm really feeling pregnant these days, especially after hearing the baby's heartbeat. It's becoming so real! Noel and I are going to be parents...craziness!