Wednesday, February 27, 2008

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Sometimes on no sleep i do rediculous things. like run 8 miles with a windchill of about -5 degrees with just spandex and a dry-wick shirt. or leave my camera at a habitat for humanity warehouse...

didn't realize my camera was gone until i wanted to use it to take pictures of mutemath at the matchbox twenty show. at the time i didn't so much care. there weren't any super important pics on there and i was getting ready to meet mutemath. nothing was getting me down.

i just got back from habitat and my camera is gone (i def didn't expect it to be there). SUCK. reality check. congratulations anna, you are getting a new camera. the part that makes me the most frustrated is that i had just convinced myself that i could afford an iphone with my bonus from work and my tax rebate. so now that money is going to a new camera. ugh.

*wendy let me use her camera to get pics of me and mutemath. i'll post them when she uploads them

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