Friday, February 08, 2008

a woman with a plan

I love a good plan. Those who have ever had to do anything with me know this. I'm not quite sure why I like them so much. I was asked the other day if I EVER fly by the seat of my pants and I laughed, yeah, I think I did it once, but I'm pretty sure I was planning on being spontanious at the time.

So tomorrow morning, I'm planning on curling up with my favorite down blanket, some hot water (it's kind of a long story), and a book or two. I say two, well, because I'm currently reading about 5 and it would be nice to get that number down a little before I add to it. Half-way through 5 books. Now this is EXACTLY why I have to plan a morning to relax and read.

oh. I also am going to try to bake something from my amazing Martha Stewart Cookbook that ted and kelli got me for Christmas.

so. excited.


sarah.eulaine said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a day! I'm a planner I know how you feel.

Amy said...

You are a woman with a plan! I'd love to hear about that plan sometime... maybe I can plan on slowing down a bit and we can plan on catching up on the phone.

Until then, how was Martha Stewart?

Mandy said...

hey friend! when i finish it I will let you know and challenge you do to the the meantime, it is sitting on the floor of my room collecting dust while I finish up a class that I am taking this semester! thanks for your comment! I am so glad to find you in this whole "blog" world! Hope you are doing well!

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