Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i'm such a groupie

here are the pics from after the mutemath show.

darren king and i. he's the out of control drummer. i can't even describe it. he just goes to this other place and it's beautiful.

mutemath. paul meany (lead vocals/keys), greg hill (guitar/vocals), roy mitchell-cardenas (bass), darren king (drums)

paul. he's a little out of control too. but dang good at what he does. this pic cracks me up. i don't take photos this close with my good guy friends. much less people i don't really know. but he's famous, so he does what he wants. ha.

so yeah. fun times. we're now bff and all. ha.


Amy said...

You ARE so BFF with mutemath! Did you know they're from New Orleans, LA? Good guys, good guys. You should totally skip church and go to the Shane and Shane concert. (Not that I want to contribute to delinquency, but It was amazing worship). I will say that I'm not a huge David Nasser fan, but he was fairly tame that night. I'd love to hear your thoughts on his talk.

Good time to talk... probably anytime this week after Wed. I have a TON of work to catch up on. So, either nights after 7-8ish or anytime next weekend. WOOT WOOT!

jordanne said...

Anna, Thanks for always reading my blog!!! And even commenting :) I'm truly thankful for your presence around the Gathering. No lie. I'm reeeealy thankful for you.

Mandy said...

Fun pictures! Meaghan tagged me, now I am tagging you! (read my blog for more info!) hope you are doing well friend)

sarah.eulaine said...

I interviewed with State Street & Key Bank...we'll see what happens!

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